Tarannum se Kabir : Askari Naqvi

Askari Naqvi is a Lucknow-based lawyer turned performing artist & entrepreneur. 

He is a trained vocalist under the tutelage of Pandit Amit Mukerjee. Apart from his repertoire of light classical compositions, Askari is perhaps the only artist of his kind to introduce art forms of Muharram, specifically Soz-Khwani, from its strictly religious settings to a secular & wider audience. He is also an accomplished Dastango and has performed at various national and international festivals and spaces.  Askari also founded Sanatkada Heritage, a travel initiative where he curates immersive travel experiences in Awadh, Bundelkhand and Uttarakhand. 

Performance Write-up
"Pinjar Prem Prakasya antir bhayaa ujaas
Mukh kasturi mahmahi bani phooti baas"

Kabir in Tarannum is a mixed bag of the well-known poems of Kabir and also some not sung before. Artist Askari Naqvi will recite songs which are known and sung by various artists and also some of his own musical compositions based on Hindustani Ragas.


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Afternoon Sessions - 28th November | 12.45 PM