Green Initiative

1. About the Green Initiative at Kabira

We at Mahindra Kabira Festival are committed to minimising our environmental footprint. As a Zero Waste event, we have phased out single-use plastics and switched to reusable and compostable materials as much as possible. With our sustainability partner Skrap, we have implemented comprehensive waste management at the festival over the last few editions to divert over 90% of our waste away from the landfills.

2. What new are we doing this year

Now more than ever, our focus on sustainability continues to grow and strengthen. You will find water dispensers across the venue, reusable or compostable food serving wares, eco-friendly decor made from flowers and cloth, minimal flex banners that we will plan to reuse, food donations to ensure no good food goes to waste, and ofcourse our waste segregation bins. We invite you to join us in this initiative by carrying your reusable bottle and segregating your waste at the venue.

3. About Skrap

Skrap is a social enterprise that helps businesses implement zero waste practices and adopt sustainable solutions. Their aim is to minimise the amount of waste that ends up in our local landfills, villages and oceans and instead transform this waste into valuable resources by reusing, recycling and composting.

The Mahindra Kabira Festival obtained a Platinum Level Green Event Certification from the University of Yale as a result of its ongoing sustainability endeavors.

The Mahindra Kabira Festival also planted 500 trees at Maghar to reduce festival Carbon Emission.