Magical Music from Mahindra Kabira Find the calm within the chaos…

Kabir in every sense

The annual Mahindra Kabira celebrates the inclusive philosophy of 15th-century mystic Kabir with music, history and tranquillity in fascinating Varanasi.

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The Mahindra Kabira Delegate experience is an unforgettable journey where each delegate is looked after with meticulous attention, and taken on a very special experiential trip of music, history, discourse, cuisine, conversation, and profound spiritual wisdom – all next to a timeless river in a city older than time…

Discover all that Mahindra Kabira Festival has to offer, beyond the music!

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Burning Ghats, Varanasi

Overheated flaming pyres of the burning dead,         partially shields my sight of river Ganges — its fast muddy currents eddying the floating lamps,          bathing bodies,                 ...

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Mystic Musings

A fine stream of thought connects the ghats of Benaras to the red earth of Shantiniketan. There on the steps of the ghat, legend tells us, Kabir awaited Ramananda, the great Hindu ascetic....

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Benares: Where street foods mix with memory

Mooralala Marwada: Energy, Passion & Soul

Weavers of Dreams, Spinners of Tales

Kabir resides in the music of Benares

It’s Varanasi Once More…

Kabir the Iconoclast

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