Nirmohiya : Nirali Kartik - Mahindra Kabira Festival

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18 - 20 November, 2022


Nirmohiya : Nirali Kartik

Nirali Kartik, an eminent Indian classical vocalist from Mumbai and a recipient of the Shreshtha Sadhak Award by the Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan Award, represents the venerable tradition of Indian classical music in a way that relates to contemporary audiences. Her recently released classical music album ‘NAVYAA’ has garnered a lot of love and appreciation from music-lovers of different age groups. Her strong dedication to riyaz, mellifluous voice coupled with a strong hold on vocal technique, has led her to perform at some of the best venues of Indian classical music like  the Saptak Music Festival, Tana Riri Festival, National Music Festival, Meru Concerts, India International Centre, India Habitat Centre, Desi Yup, Teamwork Arts, HCL Concerts and many more. She has performed for some of the oldest classical music organisations like Kala Prakash Varanasi, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan’s Dargah and others.


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Evening Music - 27th November | 7:00 PM


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Mahindra Kabira 2019

The fourth edition of the Mahindra Kabira Festival, to be held between 16-18th November, will once more inspire an experience of intangible beauty and musical intensity. The idea behind Kabira is to feast one’s senses and spirit on the calm within the chaos of the world’s oldest city and feel that intangible “oneness amongst diversity” preached by Kabir, through the unrivalled power of music, literature and the arts.

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