Khayal Gayaki : Prateek Narsimha

Prateek, a classically trained vocalist and a teacher from Varanasi, currently training under the able guidance of Shri Ramchandra Bhagwat of Varanasi, has been performing and practising the art form of Hindustani classical vocals since the age of three. He started his journey with the late Mrs. Chhaya Chatterjee of Varanasi who guided him for seven years. He then went on to learn from Shri Devashish Dey who’s a renowned vocalist and teacher from Varanasi. While pursuing an undergraduate course in Sanskrit in Delhi, he learnt under the able guidance of the legendary vocalist of the Gwalior gharana, Pt. Lakshman Krishnarao Pandit. Apart from being a regular performer in the pure classical art form, Prateek has also been a founder member of the contemporary fusion act, Raagleela. Currently, he is a member of the Delhi-based contemporary classical ensemble, the Anirudh Varma Collective, and has performed extensively across the country as part of various acts as well as solo.

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Morning Music - 28th November | 6.30 AM