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Historic melodies, mystic music and the romance of the river.

26 - 28 November, 2021


Banaras: Of Gods, Humans and Stories - Nilosree Biswas in conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy

Nilosree Biswas is an author, filmmaker trained in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University and later in cinema. Her subject interests include history, cultural studies of pre- modern, colonial South Asia, food history and early Hindi cinema. Her works, both in film and writings, have appeared across various print media, screened worldwide. Banaras Of Gods, Humans And Stories is her most recent book.

The book creates a new palimpsest of the known antiquarian city of Banaras, a lived-in space and a deconstruction of existing discourse about the city, a reinterpretation that`s personal yet evidenced. Her upcoming works are on the food history of Kolkata and a cultural study of Ladakh.

In conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy, author Nilosree Biswas will unravel Banaras: its ghats and its lanes. Myriad lanes emerge like an umbilical cord out of the ghats to the womb of the sacred geography and to the infinite spots where the believers pause to experience the divine. Audiences will meet a world that is frantic of the mundane and also a magnum opus, a scene that appears chaotic yet in sync.

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More About Banaras: Of Gods, Humans and Stories - Nilosree Biswas in conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy

Morning Music - 27th November | 8.15 AM


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