The Ishara Puppet Theatre & Soulë Band

Act Name: Dohè jo Mohè by The Ishara Puppet Theatre & Soulë Band

Description of the act:
Dohè jo Mohè Dohas that cast a spell / inspire)
दोहे जो “If you want the truth,
I’ll tell you the truth:
Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound, which is inside you.”

― Kabir

A musical puppet theatre performance based on the dohas of Kabir whose influence transcends all borders and unites people across race and nationality.

Ishara Puppet Theatre’s productions synergise puppets, dancers, and music by using metaphors from within. The performance is accompanied with live music by the talented Sandeep Pillai and the Soule ensemble.

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More About The Ishara Puppet Theatre & Soulë Band

Since 1986, THE ISHARA PUPPET THEATRE has created many pioneering, innovative & award-winning shows that have educated, enriched, entertained & transformed artists & audiences alike worldwide. Established by DADI D. PUDUMJEE, one of India’s foremost & innovative puppeteers, Ishara is known as the country’s leading established platform for Indian & international puppetry. Through their puppetry work, Ishara has brought many serious social issues to the forefront. Mr Pudumjee has been bestowed with numerous accolades including the Padma Shri in 2011. He was the President of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette), the world puppet organisation from 2008 to 2021.