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Kabir the Iconoclast

The Passion in His Words: the Lesser Known Kabir

City Stories

It’s Varanasi Once More…

We are gearing up for Mahindra Kabira; are you?

Thank You

My Benares Diary

Mahindra Kabira Festival: 4th – 6th Nov. 2016

The Mahindra Kabira Festival

Kabir resides in the music of Benares

Weavers of Dreams, Spinners of Tales

Food Stories

Benares: Where street foods mix with memory


Music as Means to the Spiritual

Sufi Sounds – The Music and the Bond

Kabir’s Music: The Hotspots and Bright Sparks

Mooralala Marwada: Energy, Passion & Soul

Mystic Musings

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