Umesh Kabir

Act Name - सुनो भाई साधो (Says Kabir, ‘Listen O wise one and practise what you hear!’)

About the Act: 
In this act, Umesh Kabir will try to demystify Kabir's philosophy by delving into the mind of the mystic. He will dwell on Kabir’s witty wisdom, his secular and religious tolerances, how he opposed superstition, meaningless rituals and bigotry through his couplets. He will talk about his philosophy and its relevance in the modern era.
Kabir’s couplets are daring, bold and fearless and subtly point out the lack of communal harmony and religious hypocrisy of society.

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More About Umesh Kabir

Umesh Kabir 
Umesh Kabir is an educator, spiritual mentor and researcher of theology. He has been living out Kabir’s philosophy in the Kabirchauramath, Moolgadhi Ashram in Varanasi for the last 20 years where Kabir spent his life spreading the message of brotherhood to humanity. Umesh had an affinity towards spirituality and left his home in Allahabad to live in Kabir Ashram, from where he completed his post-graduation. Umesh is actively involved in all Kabir’s literature and continues to research on Eastern philosophy, Karma,Dharma and Salvation vis-a-vis Kabir which will be part of the books he is currently authoring. He has been invited to talk at various schools and universities, is also a life coach and helps people understand the complexities of life.