Niranjali : DPS Varanasi Choir - Mahindra Kabira Festival

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Thank you for making Mahindra Kabira Festival 2021 a great success, we look forward to seeing you next year! 

18 - 20 November, 2022


Niranjali : DPS Varanasi Choir

Delhi Public School Varanasi comes with a very illustrious lineage of The Delhi Public School Society. What started as a small school in 1949 has grown into a chain that has over 200 schools in India and abroad. Delhi Public School Varanasi is promoted by the Kush Green Education Society. The promoters of DPS Varanasi have a very successful legacy in the K-12 sector. The school is one of the most sought after schools in Varanasi. 

About the performance: A musical performance of children from all age groups will be in the form of a medley of original dohas of kabir. These dohas will be set to music by the school’s music department and presented in the prabhat pheri style. The attempt to use indigenous musical instruments will give the event a local flavour.


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Evening Music - 28th November | 6.30 PM


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Kabira in Every Sense

Mahindra Kabira 2019

The fourth edition of the Mahindra Kabira Festival, to be held between 16-18th November, will once more inspire an experience of intangible beauty and musical intensity. The idea behind Kabira is to feast one’s senses and spirit on the calm within the chaos of the world’s oldest city and feel that intangible “oneness amongst diversity” preached by Kabir, through the unrivalled power of music, literature and the arts.

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