Azeem Ahmed

Azeem Ahmed Alvi on the sitar featuring Danish Ali khan on the violin & Hafeez Ahmed on tabla

Born into the sixth generation of a family of classical Indian musicians, Azeem Ahmed Alvi studied traditional Indian music exclusively under his father Ustad Sayyed from the age of six.
He later trained under Ahmed Alvi and Ustad Mohsin Ali Khan and further mastered the art under well-known genius Padmashree Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan.
Azeem Ahmed Alvi gave his first live performance at a tender age of twelve. After having been awarded a National Scholarship by the Government of India, he went on to perform at various prestigious music festivals in India and across the world including Japan, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, China, Austria, UK and many more.

This led him interestingly to become a prominent music figure in the realm of contemporary jazz music.

In his twenties currently, Alvi has already established a strong foothold in the contemporary music scene both in India and abroad. Known to be one of the foremost sitar players of the world, he aspires to bridge the gap between Indian classical and western contemporary music. Through his musical expertise, he has dabbled in diverse genres like Sufi, Flamenco, Jazz, Electronica & Western Classical music.

The new age musical genius has his heart set on conquering the world through his music which is deeply rooted in Indian tradition. With shows at jazz festivals and collaborations
with Karsh Kale, Adnan Sami, Sameeruddin and many others, Alvi is more than just a sitar player. He has collaborated with Harry Stojka at the Jazz Festivals in Vienna and Stuttgart. He is the only sitar player who has performed at the great Vienna Jazz Festival.
In 2012, he took his passion for traditional Indian music & the sitar to a new level with the creation of his NGO, the Raag Mantra Music Foundation.

The Sitar Project
Created in 2012, the Sitar Project was born out of a passionate desire to take Indian classical & folk music to international platforms with an audience that spanned across the young and the old; the elite and the liberal; the traditional and the modern. The Sitar Project is a concept with a deep-seated sense of traditionalism, which, tempered with a love for
all things Indian, introduces, explores and enhances the experience of the sitar across different cultures and mindsets.

The Sitar Project is the coming together of Indian tradition and modern freedom of expression in the form of music.

Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan, grandson of Sursagar Nawaz the Late Ustad Mohammad Ali Khan who was the disciple of the sarangi wizard Ustad Bundu Khan Sahab, has had the rare privilege of learning from his grandfather and his uncle Ustad Aleem Khan, a great violinist of the Delhi gharana. His violin playing is characterised by an immaculate technique brought about by the dexterous use of fingers and command over rhythm, richness and clarity in pitch and tone. All this innate artistry and technical brilliance combined with a rare and exquisite emotional quality are the hallmarks of his style. He has completely revolutionized the technique of playing the violin by making his renditions akin to vocal music.

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